a bed. A third of life
Always in the submissions of the final projects I refrained from going to the submissions of the books.
And even then, when I submitted at all I wanted to be in the submission of Ron Azar’s film that he submitted at the time.
This "fomo", this feeling, is something that goes hand in hand with the bed.
The fear of not being able to sleep, or of sleeping longer than expected and not being able to get up for a party, a flight to Berlin or a day of guidance with the group in Jaffa, is an everyday fear that has already materialized.
And yet, despite the fears, a bed is the ultimate object. She is momentary and soothing, she is comfort, she is cause, she is result, she is fire and also water, she is wind and she is earth. It is the basis of everything. It is a medicine, and it is also a disease. She is life, she is death.
The phrase "I'm dying to be in my bed," I could hear, more than the phrase "I miss my mom." The soft hug of my bed, no one or no one will be able to replace.

In this book I have divided the bed into six chapters
(Base, mattress, sheet, blanket, pillow and bed).
I examined it in different arenas and contexts: cultural, social, political and more.
The book is accompanied by a diary and personal photos from my life in different beds.
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