Guy Kosovsky
Born 1989.

Bezalel academy for arts and design.
I participate exchange students program in Barcelona
at "ELISAVA" university for design.
During this period I was invited to intern at the
branding and design company - MORILLAS.
I lived in Italy for a year, and I also devoted
huge amount of my life for travelling
in various countries and continents.
Poündak year
In the first quarantine at 17/3/20, I joined "summer camp"
for the 10 days of quarantine in the center of Jerusalem,
In a former hostel got closed by the COVID-19 issues.
Those 10 days became one year, in this year we made the
place to become an independent house for culture and art.

I spent my childhood in the former photo shop
Of my parents ("Flash") which was sold about two years ago.
There I acquired the passion for photography.
With my grandfather I used to paint as a child, and today I do
Enjoys designing, in various areas of print and media.

I take the time and go down to details,
having fun along the way and trying to learn new stuff.
I work well under pressure, and look for challenges
And new study topics.

I am athletic and active, and think snowboarding
aside from the price, it is the greatest sport.
Thank you!
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