Inspirational associative cultural analysis
that dismantles the film "Holy Engines" and analyses it.
A presentation of the references appearing in the film.
Visual and content research.
The website template can be cast on any potential film.

Link 1: overall display of the website.
Link 2: Movie analysis and pop-ups display (with options site bar).
Tools: InDesign, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Figma, Illustrator.
Collaboration with Ella Yehudai
The site presents a visual study of the film "Holy Motors" by the director Laos Caracas. It contains many references from the worlds of culture, art and history. We have created a website that serves as a platform for displaying visual references and that allows you to learn and research them in different aggregation modes and different sections of content. You can consume the visual references by tags, while watching the movie, in chronological order of concepts, by visual means and more. The site acts as a container for visual research of films, in which this film serves as an example.

Holy Motors movie analyse web flow. made in collaboration with Ella Yeudhai

curator, producer, designer and participate at Liminal Space exhibition at the Poundak
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